What is Commerce? Commerce is described as the exchange of goods and services among individuals and business entities. In education, Commerce is very student friendly streams, as its easy to enter and establish oneself here. Commerce as an overview deals with learning and understanding about various aspects of business, trade, accounting, financial information and merchandising. Commerce helps to run and earn in economy i.e. our country....

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The commrece has 2 levels juniors and degree Junior levels are called FYJC and SYJC. The degree has 2 further bifercations namely.

 Graduation Program ? 3 levels and 2 semester called 'BCom'. 


Self Financing Programm? 3 levels & 3 types and 2 semester called 'BAF/BMS/BBI/BFM/BMM etc.

The FYJC level includes compulsory and optimal subjects to select from which remain unchanged at SYJC level namely ACCOUNTS, ECONOMICS, OCM, SP/MATHS, ENGLISH, and Second language HINDI/ MARATHI/ GUJRATI/ FRENCH (SELECTIVE).

At Finkomm we ensure that student who enters in Commerce has a strong base developed right from the start from so as to have profound future career development. The faculties at Finkomm aim only for students well being by drafting and teaching the FYJC curriculum in an easy and conceptual manner so as to clear concepts and have a strong basis to accomplish Professional dreams.

The Marking schemes for FYJC is as under


Total Marks

Written Examination

Oral Exam













Secretarial practice   












At Finkomm, we ensure that the students enrolled with 11th board get the clear direction and education to clear the concepts and fundamentals of the subject’s right from the start of their course. The following are the course offerings at Finkomm

Duration of the course: 480 Hrs

Frequency: Mon-Sat (1 Hr Each)

Assessment/Marking system: As designed by the board

Assignments /Test: Topic-based test /Group Test / Term1/Term 2

Mode of Delivery: Online LIVE Classes

Subject Understanding:

I] ACCOUNTS: It is a subject which is based on understanding trade transactions i.e Dr and Cr. It is the core subject in Commerce field. Accounting knowledge helps a student to develop right skill to understand financial prospect of any business.  

          At Finkomm the EXPERT faculties promote skillful learning with practical approach.

II] ECONOMICS: Its one of the prime subjects of theory in field of Commerce, It creates the right balance required to grow develop and enrich oneself in the midst of society. It is a combination of social behavioral learning, critical thinking and understanding what government is closing to bring up country. It also establishes fine understanding on how external factors play role in expansion of business.

          At Finkomm the well experienced and expert faculty allows a student not only to have interactive learning but well defined conceptual understanding with comprehensive notes.

III] OCM: Stands for Organization of Commerce, it talks about management and guiding up of organization framework. It helps a student to understand what business Trade and commerce is and how it works in practical scenario. At Finkomm we try to conduct webinars with Top MNC's directors, chairpersons and CEOs to help child get first hand market information and allow him to stay a step ahead of other felloe pals.

IV] SP/MATHS: The subject Secret Practice is an optional subjects, for the students who are reluctant towards subject Maths can opt for this. This subject revolves around the learnings and understandings as per Role, Duties, Liabilities and Rights of the Company Secretary and their status in the Corporate World.

What you will learn ?

Student on completing the FYJC are admitted to SYJC which is an board Exam , they can get prepared for the various competitive examination which can lead to one of the best colleges in the country for Management ,Law, Design etc. They can also start preparing for C>A/CMA/C.S foundation courses too.


Students since they are admitted to 11th std which is the stepping stone into commerce studies, there are no additional requirements

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